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DRABBLE: Knowledge (Sokka/Katara)

Title: Knowledge
Pairing: Sokka/Katara - PG
Challenge Prompt: #1 Storm
Word Count: 100
Summary: He knows ...

Katara isn't a simple girl.

Sokka knows this because he is a connoisseur of simple things. Fighting and food, sleep and comforts, these are the things he understands. He knows the way of tides, how to keep a boat upright in the fiercest storm and how to throw the knife so it cuts to the bone.

He doesn't understand Katara anywhere near as well.

But sometimes, when the water is still after a tempest, when she sits besides him smelling like berries and the wind, she'll allow him to kiss her as a lover might ...

Sokka knows her best of all.
Tags: 01 storm, drabbles, sokka/katara
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