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Fanfiction - Dissidence

Title: Dissidence.
Pairing: Azula/Ursa.
Word Count: 1,725.
Rating: PG-13/T.
Warning[s]: Incest (parent-child), age-difference, UST, suggestive themes, lots of semicolons.
Notes: These aren’t in sequential order, instead highlighting various scenarios and runaway thoughts.  Fifty ways Azula and Ursa defy blood ties and the status quo.  Originally written for 1sentence.

#01 - Motion
Content to unwind for the evening and reclining on the bed in only a thin negligee, Ursa started in place when her daughter interpreted the movement to be far more suggestive than intended.

#02 - Cool
Sweat beaded the girl’s brow, condensing into wisps of steam: a Firebending mechanism necessitated by the heat generated between their clothed bodies.

#03 - Young
Ursa could remember with clarity days long past, when babyhood left her second-born too frail to scald with words and flames; and while Azula wasn’t yet an adult in the present, her bearing was decidedly beyond her years, made clear through the advances and declarations of someone far older.

#04 - Last
Azula’s stamina endured the tests of time, be it on the battlefield or in the bedroom, and her mother wasn’t sure what impressed her more.

#05 - Wrong
“We shouldn’t do this,” the older Princess insisted, her plea falling on deaf ears as her daughter pinned her to cool granite, clawed fingers deftly nudging aside the obtrusive fabric from her heaving chest.

#06 - Gentle
From the cleansing of wounds incurred through bouts of rigorous training, to the removal of clothing in muted candlelight, Ursa’s touch never lacked tenderness.

#07 - One
Although she showed the necessary deference to her father, Azula never settled for second-best, not even in love -- and Ursa suddenly found herself forced to choose.

#08 - Thousand
The prodigious Princess could have her pick of the nation’s women, but winning the affections of one in particular had become a lifelong endeavor she’d see to its end.

#09 - King
Ursa had to admit the five-pronged crown suited her second child, all the while silently bemoaning the world’s fate at the hands of a teenage tyrant.

#10 - Learn
As a child, there wasn’t much Azula allowed her mother to teach her; as an adolescent, hands-on lessons renewed her interest.

#11 - Blur
When the prodigy trained, she fazed into streaks of color, the red and gold and black of Agni Kai garments a striking contrast against the cool greens of the garden -- but Ursa increasingly found appreciation in the paleness of exposed shoulders.

#12 - Wait
Ever the strategist, Azula bode her time, awaiting the day her father would soar to the tallest heights or crash in a blaze to unrecoverable depths; whatever would open the title of Fire Lord -- and, by extension, Fire Lady for her mother -- was fine with her.

#13 - Change
The older Princess couldn’t pinpoint an exact time of transition from parent and child to covert lovers; Azula had made it impossible, for her behavior had been ambiguous and riddled with inconsistencies from the beginning, all a brilliant plot to keep suspicion at bay.

#14 - Command
“Guard her with your lives,” she instructed the shaken brigade; was venturing into town to buy flowers really such a harrowing enterprise for the Dowager Fire Lady?

#15 - Hold
The way she clasped her arms around her daughter in the present varied so differently from the past; was it because she did it more frequently, or did the nature of the embrace itself shift along the way?

#16 - Need
In order to realize their greatest potential, the pair of opposites would learn the art of balance, found only through each other -- and the world would know them as unstoppable.

#17 - Vision
The diadem and robes of the Fire Lady were fashioned far in advance, without the knowledge of the acting Fire Lord, and Ursa’s secret fittings were kept confidential through threat of expulsion; even as Crown Princess, Azula had grand plans for their shared future.

#18 - Attention
The hand patting her armored thigh from beneath the dinner table left the aroma and sumptuous flavor of braised turtleduck a mere afterthought.

#19 - Soul
Never one to believe in the paranormal, the prodigy found herself at rapt attention when her mother recounted tales of great dragon spirits reborn in mortals, said to be the most proficient of benders.

#20 - Picture
Finding the crumpled portrait stashed between articles of rarely worn clothing brought a tear to her eye -- and a lump to her throat; why, exactly, did her teenage daughter have a painting of her own mother in a bathing suit worn to Ember Island?

#21 - Fool
The poor simpleton who dared to eye her mother clutched his face in agony as he writhed upon the ground; “Can’t you see she’s taken?”

#22 - Mad
Like most Firebenders, Azula had a temper, although it was considerably harder to rouse than others in her dealings; resourceful and adaptable as banishment had taught her so assiduously, Ursa learned over time the most effective ways to soothe the savage beast.

#23 - Child
No matter what happened between them, Ursa couldn’t seem to dismiss their relation, and memories of simpler days became weighted with guilt, the image of her lover as her spry, unruly little girl impossible to shake.

#24 - Now
At times a contradiction, admirably patient in one instance and utterly exacting in another, one thing remained constant: when she called for her mother, she was never left waiting.

#25 - Shadow
The true nature of their relationship was confined to their chambers, only to see the light of day through the dark of night.

#26 - Goodbye
Azula’s sendoff felt more akin to watching a husband depart for war, even though her actual husband stood at her side the entire time, fingers entwined and wholly ignorant to her thoughts.

#27 - Hide
Loathe to stow it away in some forgotten drawer, the rational side of her brain acknowledged the consequences of acting otherwise; and so it was, for her husband could never know of the firelily broach.

#28 - Fortune
Deemed lucky by her father and the nation at large, the truest test of success would come through claiming the most unattainable of prizes, the nature of which defied circumstance of birth and relation.

#29 - Safe
Tainted blood had singled her out as a target to those who knew, but Ursa feared no man or misfortune when in the presence of her powerful progeny.

#30 - Ghost
They shared a (great)-grandfather, though the younger never knew -- and Ursa hadn’t the heart to tell her -- but his presence in the prodigy’s blood manifested as an unusual and otherwise indiscernable awkwardness; Roku had never been good around pretty girls.

#31 - Book
It had always been a dream of Azula’s to see her accomplishments recounted in history’s tomes, and Ursa would do everything in her power to ensure her daughter’s glory resounded through generations to come.

#32 - Eye
At first, the stares sent her direction were unnerving, but in time, Ursa came to view them as flattering.

#33 - Never
Azula wouldn’t, couldn’t be tempered, forever pitching rocks at helpless turtleducks and reinventing ways to torment her older brother; no matter how many kisses and caresses were placed upon her, Ursa couldn’t seem to get her to relinquish those nasty habits.

#34 - Sing
Lullabies were a remnant of childhood; despite that, Azula didn’t mind if it meant hearing her mother’s melodic voice.

#35 - Sudden
The announcement came at a moment’s notice: her husband hoped not only to restore her position, but elevate her to Fire Lady to stand beside him -- she couldn’t tell him the real reason she declined the latter.

#36 - Stop
Ursa hadn’t meant to elicit such a strong reaction, but the mere sight of her in the new two-piece brought a comically abrupt halt to her daughter’s prideful stride.

#37 - Time
Age had chiseled her rowdy child into a stately young heir to the Fire Throne, and that was to be expected -- what Ursa hadn’t anticipated was her own surging interest in the teenager’s developing body.

#38 - Wash
To keep some semblance of normalcy amidst the pomp that came with palace life, Ursa insisted on relieving the servants of laundering her room; after some nights, it was a good thing she did.

#39 - Torn
She’d finally found happiness with her second child, but that didn’t mean she was absolved of all guilt for the ways through which it was expressed.

#40 - History
It wasn’t unheard of for Fire royalty to find companionship within the bloodline; while not condoned, it wasn’t sneered upon by the majority, accepted as more of a circumstance borne through chosen isolation... but the uncustomary union of a mother and daughter would be one for the history books.

#41 - Power
The elder Princess held sway of her own, for only she could inspire congeniality (whether real or imagined was still up for debate, but the girl could be pleasant, nonetheless) in the nation’s ferocious prodigy.

#42 - Bother
“You spend too much time with your son,” the younger Princess jeered at the fresh loaf of bread cradled in her mother’s arms like an infant.

#43 - God
Born in the auspicious Year of the Dragon and brimming with promise from her first breaths, Azula had the makings of omnipotence in human form; Ursa privately indulged herself with the fact that she, as the girl’s mother, had something to do with that greatness.

#44 - Wall
If the corridors could talk, they’d speak of forbidden liaisons between Princesses, glances and kisses exchanged before footsteps announced intruding presences.

#45 - Naked
No longer did Ursa spend the sweltering nights of summertime unclothed beneath the sheets, ‘lest she be ambushed in her sleep by desirous lips and hands.

#46 - Drive
Azula’s passion for Firebending was eclipsed only by the compulsion to be desired, and Ursa, in no uncertain terms, came to grasp this.

#47 - Harm
If she could arrange for her brother’s death to look like an unquestionable accident, she would; but until then, she stilled her hand in the presence of their mother.

#48 - Precious
Bonds could evolve over time, for better or worse, but one thing that never changed was Ursa’s unwavering devotion to the monster of a girl born from her own flesh; always and forever loved, no matter how iniquitous or exasperating her child proved to be.

#49 - Hunger
The first time Azula ran her tongue along that ivory neck, she developed a craving for the sweetness of jasmine to be found upon the supple skin, and so such tea was interspersed strategically among servings of the always favored ginseng.

#50 - Believe
Azula knew she would one day reign supreme over the entire world -- and conquering her mother’s heart was to be but one conquest among immeasurable successes.
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