Lady Paynes Grey (quirkysmuse) wrote in avatar_incest,
Lady Paynes Grey

Chocolate challenge - Azula/Zuko

Title: Stupid
Characters/Pairings: Zuko/Azula, implied Zuko/Mai
Rating: PG-13 for implications
Word Count: 192
Warnings: incestuous thoughts
Notes: Written for the "Chocolate" challenge at avatar_incest

Summary: His mind had to go there, and it was all her fault.


He glowered at her and couldn't believe where his mind was going. He hated when his mind went there, and if he could just keep his eyes away from her stupid tongue licking the melting chocolate from that stupid ice cream cone, he wouldn't have even fathomed it. His thoughts would have been safe.

But they weren't, and a vision flashed in his head, and suddenly, she was licking the stupid chocolate off his own stupid tongue, and she was grinning and cackling as he fell right under her spell.

"What are you staring at?" Mai asked, bringing him out of his ugly thoughts.

Zuko shot his sister a look, who appeared oblivious to the whole game. Zuko knew otherwise; she was far from innocent. She didn't have to say anything; that stupid smile and her scheming eyes had said it all. He knew it; his sister was always up to something when it came to him, and because of that, he could never keep his annoying perversions away.

"Nothing," he snapped, turning away and moping.

Stupid chocolate ice cream cone. Stupid Azula. If only Mai could make him feel that crazy.

Tags: 02 chocolate, drabbles, zuko/azula
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